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Opus Software offer the following standard software and hardware products. We also offer bespoke software solutions.

Opus PC6-SQL Telemetry/SCADA Master Station

Click for a description of the PC6 SQL Master Station

Master Station Telemetry software with integrated AGWS6 Graphic Workstation licence. 

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Opus PC6 System Licensing   Opus PC6 System Configurations

Opus AGWS6 Advanced Graphic Workstation

Click for a description of the AGWS6 Advanced Graphic Workstation

Additional AGWS6 Graphic Workstation licences. 

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Opus RTU Remote Telemetry Unit

Click for a description of the Remote Telemetry Unti

Master Station Telemetry software licenced for use at remote unmanned sites operating as a Remote Telemetry Unit providing typical data filtering and logging facilities. 

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Opus PSI Proprietry System Interface

Click for a description of the PSI Proprietry System Interface

The OPUS-PSI (Proprietary System Interface) software suite is a Microsoft .NET framework software package which provides an interface to third party data. Applications within PSI access and process data sourced from local and remote data based systems (IMS, Telemetry, SCADA systems, general purpose database etc.).

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