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System Development


PC6-SQL Software Development Kit

A fully featured software development kit is provided for the MS .NET Framework environment, supporting object orientated software development in any one of the five MS .NET languages (C++, C#, J#, Visual Basic and Jscript).

Protocol Emulators

Protocol emulator packages can be developed enabling the system to communicate with any type or make of remote device (e.g. outstations, data loggers, PLCs).

The master station software has been designed to support a practically unlimited number of protocol emulator packages allowing the system to communicate with any make of remote telemetry equipment including other SCADA systems.

PSI Software Development Kit

The Opus PSI System is a Proprietary System Interface that enables standard, system independent applications to be developed, each application being capable of accessing and processing data sourced from one or more locally or remotely located data based systems (e.g. IMS, Telemetry, SCADA systems etc.).

The PSI system is fully compatible with the Microsoft .NET Framework environment and is supplied with full software documentation, sample software and development support allowing end-users and system developers alike to extend the system by developing any number of additional PSI drivers and PSI applications.

Bespoke Software

Opus Software can provide bespoke software solutions for all your Telemetry/SCADA, IMS, SQL database needs, including Web applications and Web services.

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