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OPUS PC6-SQL Master Station


Standard System Software

The PC6-SQL software is the culmination of 20 years of continued development and refinement. This sixth generation product is designed for use on Microsoft Windows based systems.

The proprietary package is state-of-the-art, having been extensively field proven over the years to provide an extremely capable and flexible system, one that is able to meet your current needs and able to grow to accommodate your future requirements.

PC6-SQL is ideally suited to all sizes of system ranging from small standalone HMIs to large distributed multi-user telemetry schemes.

Data Acquisition

The system is capable of simultaneously communicating over 32 full duplex data acquisition channels using a variety of protocol emulators. Protocols include Modbus, Rockwell, Omron and Toshiba. Various asynchronous links (bearer circuits) may be utilised including local and wide area networks. The type and extent of the communications is governed entirely by the Master Station's database configuration, which needless to say is fully on-line reconfigurable.

Telemetry Data

PC5-SQL Information Management System. Click to enlarge.At the heart of the PC6-SQL system is a fixed-schema relational database that has been specifically designed for high-speed real-time telemetry access. This database is independent of the SQL IMS and hence provides for both efficient and fault tolerant operation of the Telemetry/SCADA system.

In addition, exported telemetry data can be accessed via the SQL database tables using a variety of Microsoft compatible products (MS Access, MS Excel etc.).

Database Reconfiguation. Click to enlarge.



Full on-line reconfiguration of both the Master station's database and the workstation's setup is provided as standard on the system. Such reconfiguration can be performed by privileged operators, without the need for any additional development licenses.

Point Histories

Analogue point history summaryPC6-SQL maintains a history of the most recent significant changes for each and every telemetry (digital, analogue and totalised) point on the system. A point's recent history can be displayed in real-time with a simple mouse click on the graphic workstation.



Point Archiving

Periodic point archive summary. Click to enlarge.Time stamped point archive summary. Click to enlarge.The point archive consists of data files recording all locally sampled and remotely acquired periodic point archive data and time-stamped point archive data. All telemetry points on the system can be archived, including pseudo (calculated) points and points imported from the SQL database. All point archive files are backed up automatically daily and monthly by the system providing an unlimited record. In addition, exported archive data can be accessed via the SQL Archive database.

The Archives Directory lists details of all archives. Any that havenít been updated for more than 24 hours are displayed in yellow, or if they havenít been updated for more than a week they are displayed in red as a visual warning that there is a problem.

Graph Analysis

Graph Display. Click to enlarge.Dual Parameter Scatter Plot Graph Display. Click to enlarge.Both live and historic data may be examined on the system and displayed in a variety of formats. 

The Archive Data Manager utility enables you to edit, compress, extract, resize, merge and convert archive data files into text files or spreadsheet formats. 

Data edited manually, or by software, is tagged appropriately, and our archive data format has been verified by DWi IT System inspectors as meeting their highest level of data security.

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