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OPUS PC6-SQL Master Station

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 Mimic display page, up to 1200 live data items including animations, graphs, histograms, gauges, text and bit-mapped images. Click to enlarge. Professional looking graphs of point archive and time-stamped point archive data can be created quickly and easily in graph analysis mode. Click to enlarge. The Workstation provides a graphical interface via various forms of communication link   

Ideally suited to OEMs, System Integrators and Developers

OPUS SOFTWARE presents PC6-SQL, the sixth generation of Telemetry/SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software. This system is without doubt the most capable and technically advanced software package available today; combining the very latest real-time multitasking software with an integrated SQL based Information Management System and sophisticated Web Interface. A range of systems are available ranging from standalone HMIs to fully integrated distributed Telemetry systems.

OPUS PC6-SQL Features

  • Integrated Information Management System.

  • Support for both Microsoft Access and Sql Server databases.

  • Integrated SQL Interface using standard Microsoft packages.

  • Integrated Web Interface for Intranet and/or Internet browser access.

  • Powerful Advanced Graphic Workstation user interface.

  • Management report generation supporting both text and HTML file generation.

  • Point processing with extensive maths, logic and control functions.

  • Support for 'out of hours' operation including pager alarms, facsimile reports and SMS mobile texting service.

  • Extensive system administration tools, performance monitoring and logs.

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OPUS Remote Telemetry Units

Small RTU enclosure 62x192x210mm, volume 2.5 litres Interface to the plant via local or remote devices such as PLCs or the ADAM Ethernet I/O devices Internet access to system data using PCs or mobile devices
The OPUS-RTU is intended for use at remote unmanned sites operating as a Remote Telemetry Unit providing typical data filtering and logging facilities. 
The OPUS-RTU offers a future proof design that combines the use of ‘off the shelf’ hardware components and full open connectivity. 
The standard Web interface enables the system's current data to be viewed over the internet using mobile devices such as PDAs and mobile phones or any PC that has internet access. These systems are full-featured Telemetry/SCADA/IMS systems equipped with an integrated SQL Information Management System, a Web Interface, Management Report Generation, General Point Processsing functions and Alarm Paging / Text Messaging facilities.  The local and remote admin consoles can be used to assist reconfiguration, maintenance and system administration. If you require a full graphic interface then the standard OPUS-RTU system license may be upgraded with a single AGWS full-graphic workstation user. 
These systems are ideally suited for all types of HMI or local/remote control room workstation operation utilising standard Windows Vista based computer systems equipped with either mouse driven or panel mount touch-screen displays.
We can supply Mini-ITX embedded PCs with solid-state data logging drives or utilise third party hardware such as the Allen-Bradley VersaView industrial computers. RTUs typically interface to the plant via local or remote devices such as PLCs or the ADAM Ethernet I/O devices.

OPUS-RTU Features

  • Future proof design utilising off the shelf mini-ITX embedded PCs or industrial PCs.
  • Internet access to system data using PCs or mobile devices.
  • Open connectivity using our RTUQUERY utility, SQL queries, TCMP2, DNP3 and Modbus/TCP.
  • Filtering of telemetry and archive (trend) data.
  • Periodic, time-stamped and SOE data logging.
  • Local and remote admin consoles assist reconfiguration, maintenance and system administration.
  • Upgrade options include an AGWS user.
  • Fully upgradeable to support a practically unlimited number of stations, points and users
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OPUS PSI Proprietary System Interface


PSI summary app. Click to enlarge PSI mimic with graphs. Click to enlarge

Ideally suited to System Developers

The OPUS-PSI (Proprietary System Interface) software suite is a Microsoft .NET framework software development package which provides an interface to third party data. Applications within PSI access and process data sourced from local and remote data based systems (IMS, Telemetry, SCADA systems, general purpose database etc.).
Standard applications such as the Opus Advanced Graphic PSI workstation and Summary, Graph and Mimic apps provide highly sophisticated interfaces to the data based systems.

OPUS PSI Features

  • Open source policy for all drivers and apps.

  • Generic SQL driver included.

  • Data summary, Graph display, Mimic display and Mimic editing packages provided.

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