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OPUS AGWS6 Graphic Workstation


Mimic Editing. Click to enlarge.Our integrated object orientated mimic editor includes many tools enabling you to quickly create sophisticated mimic pages. Objects can be placed precisely using different sized 'snap to' grids, and our alignment options ensure your mimics look neat and professional.

Favourite object styles can be named and stored within the library; these styles can be easily applied to other objects to add consistency to your displays.

An extensive library of mimic objects such as pumps, tanks and pipes is supplied to simplify mimic creation. You can also append your own objects, or object groups, into the library to be used over and over again. Objects extracted from the library may be pasted using their original size or resized as appropriate.

Map Pages

Map Page. Click to enlarge.Map pageMap pages have the same functionality and capability as mimics but are intended to render geographical information, floor plans, maps and charts etc.


Graph Display and Analysis

Graph Display. Click to enlarge.Professional looking graphs of point archive and time-stamped point archive data can be created quickly and easily in graph analysis mode. Individual graph specifications can be named and saved to disk. All graph specifications can be used as templates to load and display user specified archive data, usually in response to 'ad hoc' requests by the operator.

Graph templates can also be inserted on mimic and map pages, allowing numerous sources of data to be selected with a simple click of the mouse. A selection of graph templates is provided as standard.

Graph Display. Click to enlarge.Up to four graphs may be plotted in a single graph specification, either superimposed in one or two grids, or displayed individually in separate grid areas.

Various graph formats, line styles, fill options, bitmap and gradient fills are available including segmented colours to depict alarm boundaries. Various markers can be used to identify the sampled data points.

Alarm limits may be selected from the configured database or specified manually. The alarm limits may be plotted on the grid, rendered on the graph, or a mixture of both.

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