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OPUS PC6-SQL Master Station


Web Interface

Web Interface. Click to enlarge.The supplied web applications provide a user friendly, powerful and intuitive web interface to the SQL IMS via either your corporate Intranet or the worldwide Internet.

The web interface provides interactive access to all SQL databases using standard web browsers. Privileged users can monitor and control the Telemetry/SCADA system using PCs, PDAs and other small screen devices.

Advanced Graphic Workstations

Workstation Mimic Page. Click to enlarge.The workstation software provides a full-featured graphic interface to the PC6-SQL system via various forms of asynchronous communications link, including local and wide area networks.

PC6-SQL supports a powerful Console Operating System (COS) which is used by the workstations to query the Master station's relational database and affect control over the SCADA system.

The workstation is ideally suited to all forms of operator access, providing a high-performance interface for the display of both real-time text and graphic information, including the display and analysis of archive data, real-time trace data, mimic pages, map pages, configuration and performance data etc.

Areas of Interest

An operator's domain can be restricted to certain areas of interest by assigning unique area codes to the configured stations and/or points.

Alarm Display and Management

Unacknowledged alarms summary. Click to enlarge.The workstation displays the highest priority alarm in a dedicated window area and can be configured to vocally annunciate alarms. Numerous summary commands are provided to query the system and display alarm data, optional search restrictions can be used to filter the resulting real-time summary data.

Concert Operation and Messaging

Multiple workstation displays can be controlled via a single keyboard. A message exchange facility is provided between operators and separate PC6-SQL sites.

System Security

System security for workstation and web access is afforded using privileged user accounts accessible by password entry.Alarm Dial Out to Remote Devices

Out of Hours Operation

The optional Alarm Paging software provides an 'out of hours' alarm dial out facility to send email, fax, or SMS text messages to selected duty officers or offices. The system also caters for selective paging of duty officers on a station or individual point basis.

Management Reports

HTML Management ReportThe management report generator supports free-format report generation for on-demand, batch and event driven reporting. Reports can include text, current and archived data and pseudo values from the database such as process formula calculation results. Summary data can also be included in reports enabling you to build comprehensive reports easily and quickly. Both text and HTML report formats are supported. All reports are automatically archived to disk and tagged with unique date/time codes. Text reports may optionally be printed, emailed and/or faxed. You can even specify an application which will run upon the generation of a report.

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