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OPUS PC6-SQL Master Station


Event Archiving

Event Archive. Click to enlarge.The event archive consists of data files recording all local and remotely acquired time-stamped events, such as point alarms, alarm acceptance, control actions, user login etc. This extensive archive is backed up automatically daily and monthly by the system providing an unlimited record of all recordable events and alarms on the system. In addition, exported event data can be accessed via the SQL Events database.


Digital control dialogue. Click to enlarge.Analogue set point control dialogue. Click to enlarge.Digital and analogue controls may be performed by a privileged operator via summary displays or mimic pages. Simply clicking on a controllable point with the mouse brings up the control dialogue. 

The operating privilege level for performing controls is configured within the workstation, an operator must be logged into an account with this privilege level or higher in order to execute controls.

Database Export to MS Access. Click to enlarge. SQL Database

The SQL database tables form the heart of an extensive Information Management System. These database tables are maintained in real-time by the PC6-SQL export software. Import tables are used to provide a conduit for privileged SQL and Web users to submit requests (controls, set points etc.) and import new or modified archive data back into the system. The system supports both Microsoft Access and/or Microsoft Sql Server databases and provides access for both Web browser users and any SQL based Microsoft compatible package (MS Access, MS Excel etc.).

Exported SQL data viewed in MS Excel. Click to enlarge.SQL Point Archive

The SQL Archive database records all exported point archive and time-stamped point archive data. Every archive sample is recorded in the SQL Archive along with its time-stamp (to one second accuracy). This data forms part of an unrestricted telemetry point archive on the system.

SQL Event Archive

The SQL Event database records all exported system, alarm and control related event data. Every exportable event is recorded in the appropriate SQL database table along with its time-stamp (to one second accuracy). This data forms part of an unrestricted event archive on the system.

SQL Access

MS Excel SQL Access. Click to enlarge.The SQL database tables can be accessed by all SQL based Microsoft compatible packages (MS Access, MS Excel etc.). Various proprietary data analysis and presentation packages are also available. The supplied Software Development Kit (SDK) provides support for SQL access and can be used to develop bespoke user applications in any one of the five MS .NET Framework languages, including Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Visual C#.



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