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What others are saying ...

This is just some of the feedback from satisfied Opus users;

"I can't belive how much things have improved over the last few years. It is a truly stunning experience to fly in Fsx now, and no small part in due to Opus. The cameras are amazing, the DHM effects still leave me gobsmacked, and well, the weather generation leaves me smiling every time :)
And the thing is, you are constantly updating and improving. Just when I think it cant get better, you make it better! A big big thank you from me :)
I've made a lot of purchases for Fsx addons, some good, some not so good. But I can say hand on heart that Opus is the best decision I ever made.
And for anyone who is still unsure about Opus cameras... please please please take the time to learn them, once learnt they are amzingly simple to create, and you will wonder how you ever did without them." AVSIM

"This is a game changer. It does 3 or 4 things that I have always wished I could do and in one package" AVSIM

'This is absolutely amazing software! It is continually evolving with new features being added on a regular basis. It can be used in all modes. You can set it up to use 2d panoramic windows and virtual cockpits in windowed mode or full screen. It is extremely easy to use. It has real world weather, networking functions, camera shake effects, and you can set up various camera views.
The developer support is like no other I have seen. It feels like they are custom building the software specifically for you. Any problems, issues, wish lists, that I have mentioned to Stephen are often fixed or implemented by the next day with a new beta release.
I highly recommend this software. It will greatly enhance your simming experience!" AVSIM #5

"I like the fact that with OpusFSX, everything you need is in one product with a quick startup time" AVSIM #16

"I have been a long time simpilot (since they hit the streets in DOS) and a RW commercial trained pilot (mostly twin Turbo). My point, I have about every high fidelity add-on in the FSX world. I have been on beta teams for some of them .. . Stephen, you have the best product out there in your market. Quality, customer service, support and communication. You could be a model for 'how developers should work with their base of users' Thank you!" SimForums

Live Weather

"I've just tested the new OPUS 4.03.1 for injection of medium and high cloud. I wish to congratulate Stephen for (in my opinion) a complete atmosphere makeover. The injection of the medium and high level cloud is absolutely amazing!! Seriously, it really adds depth to the atmosphere in which we fly. Take it from me... a weather buff and RW pilot, the atmosphere is now a far more diverse and realistic environment to fly in. Many thanks for implementing this. It is in one word....fantastic!" SimForums

"Recently bought Opus and wow. Believe the hype. It's THAT good" FlightSimWorld #6

"just a quick post to say thanks for such a great product. For the first time ever in FSX I have stable, accurate winds aloft and no longer experience instantanious overspeed on climb and descent. I have also compared winds aloft with real flight plans generated by my companies flight planning system, flown the at the scheduled time and found them accurate withing a few knots, just as you find in real life.
Not to mention the low level cloud depiction and mist/fog simulation that is just fantastic. Great work" AVSIM #1

"I'm really absolutely amazed by this software!!! I was sceptical at first also! But this is just amazing! The weather all around you is there! And it stays there - when you fly towards it - then you're over it - and when you're past it! I have never experienced that, with any other weather addon!
I took a quick flight from KLAX to KLAS! Few clouds at LAX and quite sunny... Although rough weather conditions in LAS. As I started towards Mojave desert and leaving LAX - some small patches of clouds in the distant to the left and right of me... actually I checked a satelite map from Weather.com. It was accurate! WOW! :D
Also, the satelite image clealy showed a weather system over Las Vegas... 
As I approached LAS, This met me, in the distant...
Although the severe weather (Thunderstorms and rain) had passed LAS as I arrived, I could clearly see (and hear) the weather to the east of me moving on!
Absolutely amazing experience! :)
Thanks alot, Opus FSX for developing such a nice weather engine! :D
And for the great support!" AVSIM #116

"Just discovered this weather engine by Opus. Seriously impressed how it loads and manages weather!
No more cloud popping, flashing when loading and you can see differenet weather conditions all around as far as you can see. You can fly to them and they will still be there, rather than just pop in and out.
Still using REX textures, but here's my 1st flight and I my jaw was on the floor for all of this flight!,... All clouds from Cumilus, Alto Cumilus, Stratus, Cirrus" Orbx #1

"Finally, a weather engine that does cloud layers, and proper fog patterns. Enjoy!" Orbx 

"I must say I'm impressed" AVSIM #125

"I can tell you my experience from a flight earlier. I flew a STAR into Gatwick. I could see the weather matching the METAR at Gatwick (clearish) as I came in from the north around the south and back in from the east (sort of a anti clockwise STAR). Meanwhile I could see banks of low cloud out to the east, somewhere beyond Biggin Hill, there must have been a different weather report from out there but no ATIS' to find out. I swapped my 737 for a Lancair at Gatwick and headed out after the low clouds. I Flew past them, by then I could see there was towering Cumulus out over the English Channel.. so I went and flew around them then landed at Manston, swapped into a GosHawk and flew back to Heathrow, passing the same sequence of weather.
In summary it seems to me like when you are at B you can see the weather at A and the weather at C. Which is nice. Also every airfield I have been to has matched the RW METAR in terms of QNH, cloud coverage, wind, ceiling and visibility. I think Temp as well" AVSIM #104

"Wonderful flight" SimForums

"I like it.
Flew 300 NM to a destination that flightaware.com said would be clear, from a start that had few clouds at 7500.
There were clouds at 7500 upon departure and it was clear skies at destination.
And to top it off, it said an airport 40 miles further away had clouds at 12000, and lo and behold there they were on the horizon, high stratus right over where they were supposed to be, and still clear at my stop. And not the whole of the horizon, only over the city that reported them, elsewhere there were none reported, and none to be seen...!" AVSIM #134

"This weather engine is by far the best I've used to date! I've used Open Clouds, REX, and lately AS2012 since it's release. I can't give opinions on technical large aircraft flights but flying around VFR low and slow in New England with REX textures is now unbelievably realistic and most of all accurate! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!!!"  SimForums

"For the very first time in FS, I felt surrounded by real clouds" AVSIM #137

"I have matched airport and inroute weather and it is right on. I am on a 3-24"screen visual HD I-7 ATI Eyefinity system and things couldn't look better. I got the camera movement down to an art. I swear when this NGX touchs down, I need a seat beat! 
All I can say is damn fine work. Keep it up! Every morning now I am checking to see if there is something new....like clock work. Thank you for a better weather engine. I am using REXE 4096 and together they are a team! Thanks for the great work!" SimForums

"I had a great time flying from Glasgow to Inverness, taking pics every few minutes to demonstrate how the weather varied along the route and how you can see the weather you are going to reach from a distance. Shortly after take off in 5k vis and climbing through the FEW and BKN I could see some clouds right on the horizon on my track. 10 minutes later (I was in Goshawk) and at FL190 I had reached them. Not only did the clouds exist but they appearred to maintain their stucture throughout as well, so I was heading for a little gap and thats what I flew through. From there I could see clear conditions at my destination, probably still 40nm away. The conditions remained like that and I landed. It was a very cool flight" AVSIM #149

"As far as I can see there no better weather product out there and the realistic haze/mist generation is worth the price of admission alone" SimForums

"I just completed a flight from KBNA - CYYZ and had to post...Wow! Was it cool!
On descent into CYYZ, there was a line of clouds starting from about 80-100nm west of the airport. I checked weather about 40nm out in the clouds, completely IMC, and ATIS said it was few at 3100ft and few at 8000ft. I was thinking to myself as I got closer and closer to the airport that there's no way that can be the weather report. I'm only 30...25...20nm away and I'm still in the clouds. Don't tell me all the hype about Opus is wrong!?
Then, as approach vectored me to a left base for 33R, I looked out the left window back toward the wingtip where I had come from and could see the line of clouds I had just flown through end about 10-15nm west of the field and it was few at 3100 and 8000 above and to the east of CYYZ. That was amazing!!! I don't ever recall that kind of experience with ActiveSky. You really do fly into(and out of) the weather with Opus. This is what I've been hoping the weather would be like for years in flight sim and now it's here!!! Great job Stephen/Opus!!!!" AVSIM #248

"... until I started getting over the WOW! factor, and I still say wow! when fly'n" SimForums

"I write this because I got tired of AS2012 or REX did not give me what is out there in real life. Until now!
I got OpusFSX. It just loads the NOA METARS as they are without any stupid interpolation over big areas. Just loads several METAR stations over a large area 990 x 990 km in one blink. No stutter or anything, one frame and it is loaded and ready. METAR is gospel to them. Forbidden to tamper with, what METAR says goes directly into FSX.
For the first time I have had weather at DEP and DEST exactly what weather reports are saying. Also see weather fronts/cloud areas come and go as they do in real life. The takeoff and approaches feels a lot more alive with different clouds at several levels and heights/sizes. And they are exactly what NOA says. First time I've got OVC 400 feet at an airport when NOA says OVC 400 feet. Winds are also on the numbers" AVSIM #1

"Best weather program ever, I use the REX textures and Opus as the weather engine" AVSIM #6

"The weather engine is pretty spectacular! Beautiful beautiful clouds, they look fantastic and no more pop-ins like Active Sky or REX essential (I'm using textures from REX). Best of all, I love the KISS approach -- I don't like fiddling with all these options, I just want to fly the damn plane in the most realistic weather possible.
Weather themes! Its awesome how you can switch the weather from the console ~key and have changes automatically set-in; almost magical :)" AVSIM #124

"I'm a happy camper -- real time weather works flawlessly, it looks great, and it was a piece of cake to setup" AVSIM #128

"Yes, Opus is the best weather engine. I've been using ActiceSky for a long time but just switched to Opus about two weeks ago and now my weather is the way I wished it always had been. Highly recommend this product. And, as mentioned earlier too, the support is top notch. You get near instant response time no matter where or how you ask a question. Excellent!!!" AVSIM #53

"been exploring the WX-Generator for a couple of days and it really smashes AS2012 down, hard!
I have never been able to fly for 1-2 hours and actually experience OVC weather @ my destination, well - now I have :)" AVSIM #40

"I am amazed on how it portrays the sky so beautifully" AVSIM #283

"The more i fly, the more i love it. It's been a long time since i've witnessed a proper FL340 thunderstorm with clouds actually above my aicraft, stunning depiction!" AVSIM #287

"Picture this....
You are flying through a few clouds, layers of cumulus, alto cumulus and in the distance, you can just make out a few storm cells. As you get closer, they all come into view and you notice their towering anvils reaching high into the altitudes.
You have a choice of diverting around them, or go for it.... well, this is a sim and what the heck!...
As you approach even closer, you can hear the rumble of the thunder getting louder, a few bumps as you approach turbulent air. You enter the Cumulonimbus and your whole world goes dark, the wind increases 10x from all directions, you are being constantly thrown about through the raging storm and you begin to wish you had diverted round them...
Itís all relying on instruments IFR but you struggle as you attitude indicator bounces all over the place, your v speed is going up and down. All around, the sound is booming, the rain is tipping as you 'punch the core'...
Then before you know it, you manage to get out of the storm cloud, the air is suddenly smoother, but your heart is still racing as you try to get it together... and the plane cabin is in a complete mess with anything that wasnít tied down... and this morningís breakfast!
You can see a few other storm cells in the distance, but decide it best now to divert around them, as the storm you just flew through fades into the distance (and not just vanish)
That's exactly what I experienced with this new weather engine. I was amazed how the weather donít just suddenly pop up. You really can see far into the distance in all directions with all the building weather.
All of this with no lag or fps impact. And you can access the options in you tool bar once in the sim.
It seems like Stephen from Opus is right on the ball, is constantly updating, improving and listening to customers. If this is just the start of this amazing product, the future looks very bright indeed" Orbx #15

"Having recently re-installed all my flight simulation software and coming back to the hobby after a couple of years hiatus, I was reminded at just how tiresome and awkward the third-party weather engines for FSX are. Yes, they boast colourful, swanky graphical UI's, and lots of buttons, settings, themes, options and features, but under all the razzmatazz and tinsel they are just slow, irritating and inadequate... I know, because I've bought them all.
I sat in my virtual C172, at Parking 3 GA-Small last week and thought to myself that there *MUST* be a better way. I remembered a small weather engine that I used to use in conjunction with FS2004 and wondered why there wasn't something similar to it for FSX... a Wx program with a small footprint, that did the sole job of feeding weather data into the sim and did it without distracting and convoluted user interfaces.
That's when I stumbled on OpusFSX through a Google search. And after using it, I won't go back to any other weather engine.
After everything else I have to do in life, like most people, I don't have alot of time for flight-simming. I grab a few minutes here or there, or the odd hour or two when I can. That's where OpusFSX's simplicity and speed comes in. Whether I have time for a full blown flight plan, or just a quick VFR sortie, basically all I have to do is CLICK... and GO! OpusFSX automatically loads with FSX; accurate (READ: what's actually outside my window) weather appears INSTANTLY right after FSX's standard loading bar finishes - not just overhead, but EVERYWHERE within a huge radius - and it even closes automatically when I shut FSX down! Really... what more could I want?
I don't want video memory hogging apps running in the background. I don't want weather downloading for several minutes *before* I can fly. I don't want weather injecting mid-flight with annoying updates which flash on the screen and kill the immersion factor. I don't want a pretty interface, a zillion pre-set themes to confuse me, and certainly not vague, evasive product support.
That's why I bought OpusFSX.
Thank you Opus Software for reminding me of how, when I launch FSX, all I do want is to enjoy the simplicity of just flying" SimForums

"I hope I'm not dreaming.. and wake up .. and Opus is gone from my hard drive" SimForums

Live Camera

"Wow, just did a flight on the NGX with dynamic head movement enabled -- it 'feels' more realistic than just head wobbling, I actually felt the plane moving in response to the speed, and descent rate I was going. I would go as far as saying it looks comparable to real life videos of cockpit landings I've watched" AVSIM #223

"OPUS is a good investment with all the other features built in. I'm especially liking the dynamic head movement" AVSIM #250

"For the most realistic weather rendition I use opus with Rex essential textures. Hasn't disappointed yet! And I've gotten rid of ECZA, the Dynamic head movement in opus feels more realistic to me" AVSIM #52

"The turbulence effects and the camera effects are the most realistic I have experienced" AVSIM #6

"I have dropped EZDOC and gained some FPS + DHM effects are far better. Did a flight from Oslo to Arland with pmdg 737 to test it and it was far better and made a lot more sense. No jumping and rocking randomly like EZDOC whole time. On FL it was almost calm. On appr. it got more and more turbulence the lower I got and adding flaps and gear like real. Right before TD it calmed down again like in real life" SimForums

"your DHM was incredibly realistic in the helicopter. Bravo" SimForums

"For those on the fence regarding Camera views, DHM etc, I found Opus to be so much realistic compared to EZCA, not only is it one less horrible DLL removed from the mix, but the DHM effects are outstanding. Hence, EZCA has been permanently removed from system, with an increase in performance in FSX" AVSIM #123

"I flew the Dodo the other night with DHM and was very pleasantly surprised to see how nice the vibrations and movements were" SimForums

"It's not only the best weather I've EVER had in FSX, but it's the best head movement effects as well, and they are certainly customer support centered!" oldfockers

"I should have set up the camera section months ago!  Your software leaves the other program in the dust.  After I finally got EZCA completely removed and followed the setup procedures Opus makes flying extremely realistic" SimForums

Live View

"Live View updates are seamless and the weather synchronization is, well, the best I have ever seen! Your approach to the client/server interface is the most elegant solution available. All of us who enjoy the pre-takeoff eye candy on multiple screens look forward to your inclusion of Live Traffic in the best multi-platform synchronization software package available on planet Earth" SimForums

"I used OpusFSX to set up the 2d windows, and was able to get everything synced and running well. The OpusFSX weather is awesome in a multi screen environment. You can see the fronts moving in all the windows" A2A Simulations

"I have nearly 2TB of add-on scenery and six PC's (a server and five clients). Yes, it's a bit of upkeep, but it's worth it to me" AVSIM #10

"The networking is very simple. All you do is set up your PC's for sharing as per the Getting Started Guide, and install OpusFSX on all the PC's. You place the network ID's, and the path to FSX in the cfg windows, and you are ready to go" AVSIM #14

Opus Support

"Le support est absolument INCROYABLE, mais alors SUPERBE" Pilote-Virtuel

"The developer's support is impeccable" AVSIM #3

"the developer is dedicated to making fast changes and developing upgrades in a very timely manor, something rare in this business" SimForums

"Wow....really. I can't believe the level of customer service you folks are providing, let alone the timeliness. Just amazing.
Thank you" AVSIM #188

"Just dropping into this thread to say.... Thank you very much for your personal dedication to your software, both in extolling its virtues, mentioning certain shortcomings and patiently listening to lots of us firing big Qs at you. You have dealt with it all with with some style and lots of patience.
I shall be buying OpusFSX as soon as I can spare the cash, as I (for one) find your support to be a fine example to other commercial products.
Thanks again" AVSIM #140

"Thanks, fantastic support chaps. Keep drinking the Caf-Pow! :)" AVSIM #154

"Opus is a very good weather engine with what I believe is THE BEST support of any company.
They always answer their emails quickly and work patiently with you no matter the problem.
As I said before no hoops for support just ask and they answer" AVSIM #51

"I've been following Opus for a couple of months but I was a little wary at first because it seemed to promise so much it was almost too good to be true. I asked some questions on their forum and got really quick answers which were very honest in terms of what Opus was and was not capable of. It was that which persuaded me to buy it and I think I'm now a convert to this kind of development. Rather than wait for a finished product and hope it is what I need, I've bought into a process where I can actually shape what the product becomes and supported the developer in the process" Mutley's Hangar

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